Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interview with Muskaan Mehani (Dr. Sapna)

Muskaan Mehani quit "Mamta" because she didn't want to play the role of a mother when she herself is just 22. Now, she will play the character of Dr. Sapna Shah in the new youth-oriented serial "Dill Mill Gayye". The actress also has a small role in Sajid Khan's "Heyy Babyy". She tells us about how her new show is different from saas-bahu dramas and her future plans.

How did you get this role?

They had called me for the audition. Sapna is a Gujarati and so they wanted someone who can speak a bit of Gujarati. I am from Ahmedabad so I can speak the language very well. They just took a look test as they were searching for an innocent, soft face. And to my fortune, I had what they required.

How similar is the character to the real you?

This girl belongs to a middle-class family and is docile in nature. She doesn't react even if someone talks rudely with her. She lives for her dream. I am somewhat like her and even I hail from a middle-class family.

What do you feel about the show?

This is a very youthful show, made keeping in mind the GeNext. The audience will not see saas, bahu, bhabhi, and other such relations. It's about medical students and their journey towards achieving their professional dreams. They are all from different backgrounds and have different personalities. While someone is sober, someone is negative, yet another is a cool dude. It's about their ups and downs in life. I am sure the audience would like it.

How much fun did you all have during the making of this show?

Oh, we had a ball on the sets. The main reason could be that we are all of the same age group.

Did you do some research before playing a doctor in this serial?

Yes, we all had attended workshops of Dr. Junaid. We learnt how to administer injections. And it was very much needed, as medicine is a very serious profession. If we were not acquainted with the basics we would look funny, and that we just couldn't afford. We can't make fun of such a profession.

Do you think the audience would appreciate "Dill Mill Gayye"?

My character is realistic and even my dialogues are simple. I can say that there is a 50 per cent chance that the audience will like my character, and I am 100 per cent sure that they will like the show. I am happy being part of this show and very excited.

How similar is "Dill Mill Gayye" to "Sanjivani"?

I used to watch "Sanjivani". "Dill Mill Gayye" is different from that serial. It's just that the name of the hospital is Sanjivani, and the dean is Mohnish Behl. Apart from these, all the characters and the story are totally different.

Do you feel the audience needs a break from the stereotyped family dramas?

Well, one can't deny the fact that family dramas are still popular. When a production house comes up with a concept it's made for a target audience. The way our show was made keeping youth in mind. Similarly, family shows are made to cater to homemakers. And believe me, the market for family shows is huge in India. The rest depends upon the audience.

What other projects are in the pipeline?

I have a part in Sajid Khan's directorial debut "Heyy Babyy". And as of now, I am occupied with "Dill Mill Gayye". May be after three-four months, I will look for something. I always like experimenting with roles, so if in the near future I get a chance to act on the big screen, I will definitely try that out depending upon the offer.


Anonymous said...

Dr sapna is more pretty than Ridzz & has better acting skills also. If the role od ridzz is played by sapna,then this wud bring more popularity to this serial.Iwish One day she will get a film offer & similiar to Vidya Balan she will become superstar.

Anonymous said...


Tasneem- Dmg fan said...

I am seriously gone miss Dr.Sapna she is soo cute and nnocent the show rocked becuz of her and wat da hell yaar she is leaving...i dun want her to leave..i have a suggestion why dun they remove Dr.Rahul instead of Dr. sapna the show will be so much more better...

Tasneem here..
loads of love sapna ill miss u...

Pramis said...

what the hell u think about
ridz is the best in DMG
and about the role and their face shilpa is far better than muskaan
did u understand

Ayesha said...

i dont agree with whoevr anonymous is...its bullshit
how could u possibly evn imagine sapna takin ridzis place
ridz is d best
sapna cant act 2 sav her life .....
she is ugly n an attention seekr
ridz is btr,n has actin skills 2
jus iomagine armaan n sapna....ewe
ridz n armaan r d best onscreen couple n hav amazin chemistry

geet said...

muskan tmhe serial ki lead hona chahiye tha kyuki tun old ridz se boht cuteeeeeeeeeeee ho ach kiya ke tumne serial chor diya n i like ur new show u looks fabulous .

shubh_dutta said...

Dr.Sapna(Muskaan) is the prettiest and the cutest.i dont understand why she or her character was removed.Please bring her back on Dill Mill Gayye.....Please.....

Shubh here...
lots of love & wishes...
will miss u Dr.Sapna (Muskaan)

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